The Three Chimneys commission

I have just received the photographs taken by the talented photographer Angus Bremner back from The Three Chimneys on The Isle of Skye. The stunning establishment was recently refurbished by renowned interior designer Joelle Reid involving a large portfolio of Hatti's collection from original art, hand finished giclee prints, printed and hand painted  textiles, lighting and cushions for the House - Over - By and The three Chimney restaurant.

Hatti has received a steady flow of commissions and sales through the restaurants international clientele stretching as far as Brussels, Morocco, Los Angeles and all over the Uk.


Original painting above by Hatti Pattisson.


Spot the luxurious velvet cushions and hand painted linen for the curtains by Hatti.


This blind has been made up of Hatti's Into The Blue printed, linen-mix fabric which the artist has then hand painted metallic brushstrokes which catch the light beautifully.


Linen and velvet cushions, curtain fabric and the large artwork by Hatti Pattisson.

Misty Sea linen cushion

Into The Blue lampshade and Night Time Ocean artwork by Hatti Pattisson.

Hatti Pattisson
Hatti Pattisson


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